Southeast University Newly Increased Three Undergraduate Majors

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[Southeast University News Network, March 3] (Correspondent: Deng Lei) Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the filing and approval result of undergraduate majors of regular colleges and universities in 2019. Three undergraduate majors regarding intelligent manufacturing, intelligent medical engineering and intelligent perception engineering as applied by Southeast University were all approved. Among them, the intelligent perception project is the first outside-the-directory applied major in China. So far, Southeast University has a total of 83 majors for undergraduate studies, covering 11 disciplines.

The three newly-approved undergraduate majors this time represent one of the remarkable achievements made by Southeast University in response to national development strategies and the needs of economic and social development, and demonstrating the school’s active efforts in promoting its new engineering disciplinary construction while in combination with its disciplinary characteristics and advantages.

The major of intelligent manufacturing, on the basis of the major of civil engineering, deeply involve industrialization, informationization and intelligence, integrates the development ofengineering management, materials science and engineering, electronic information engineering, computer science and technology, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, etc. to form a new engineering major. Its establishment conforms to the demands of national development strategies and the upgrading & transformation of the construction industry, and fulfill the social demands for talents in the field of intelligent planning and digital design, intelligent equipment and construction, intelligent facilities and disaster prevention, intelligent operation and maintenance, etc..

The major of intelligent medical engineering is an innovative cross-disciplinary specialty that combines cutting-edge science and technology such as biomedical electronics, biomedical sensors and devices, artificial intelligence and big data brain science, and neuroeducation, etc.. Its establishment conforms to the explosive development of brain science, big data technology and artificial intelligence technology; and also fulfill the current social demands for intelligent healthcare and health market.

The major of intelligent perception engineering is an “Artificial Intelligence + X” composite specialty that applies knowledge in various professional fields such as electronics, computer, artificial intelligence, machinery, automatic control, communication and information processing, etc. in a rational manner. Its establishment conforms to the “AI Innovation Action Plan of Higher Education Institutions” as issued by the Ministry of Education, and fulfills the social demand for talents in the fields of multiple core technologies such as intelligent perception, intelligent processing, and intelligent control, etc..

In recent years, Southeast University has comprehensively promoted the construction of new engineering disciplines in active response to the “Six Prominences and One Tiptop” Program 2.0 as advocated by the Ministry of Education. In the latest five years, it has added a total of 8 new undergraduate majors. Meanwhile, the school will provide key support for the newly-approved majors to accelerate its construction process in terms of faculty, teaching resources and quality assurance.

Submitted by: the Academic Affairs Office

(Editor-in-charge: Zhai Mengjie, reviewed by: Li Xiaonan)

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