The Online Teaching of Southeast University Achieved Sound Effects on the First Day of the New Semester

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[Southeast University News Network, Feb. 25] (Correspondent: Tang Tang) February 24 witnessed the first day of online teaching in the new semester of Southeast University. With the joint efforts of all teachers and students, sound teaching results have been achieved. A total of 775 undergraduate teaching classes were available online for 30,938 undergraduate students from 8:00 a.m. to 20:55 p.m.. Upon careful preparation by the teachers, all the courses were started as scheduled and sound effects have been achieved in good order. Judging from the teaching classes that have already started, teachers and students have a high degree of recognition of online teaching with almost 100% students online.

The Academic Affairs Office prepared plans for undergraduate online teaching during the postponed 2019-2020-3 semester in advance, and encouraged teachers to choose the online resource platforms independently based on the characteristics of their curriculum, such as video learning (MOOC, etc.), assignments and online interaction, etc., actively adopt smart teaching tools (Rain Classroom, Mooc Classroom, etc.) or multiple internet channels (WeChat, QQ, etc.) for online teaching to ensure the progress of teaching in the new semester as scheduled and ensure “no suspension of learning”. On the first day of online teaching, the colleges/departments concerned and the Academic Affairs Department checked the online operation in an orderly manner involving six prerequisites for online teaching: lesson preparation, guidance, discussion, Q&A, homework, and test, etc..

Meanwhile, a total of 81 graduate courses were offered as planed and all courses were organized in an orderly manner. In order to guarantee the quality of online teaching, as requested by the Trinity Teaching Quality Assurance System including the self-inspection by faculties, the inspection by the Graduate School and the online surveys among postgraduates, leaders of all colleges, 28 supervisors for postgraduate education and the contact person from the Graduate School also accessed the online classrooms to check the real-time online teaching. The teachers mostly adopted iCourse, Rain Classroom, Chaoxing, Tencent Class, Tencent meeting, Ding Ding, etc. for teaching. Generally, the network was operating normally. All graduate students and teachers were working together to innovate the mode of online teaching to jointly guarantee the quality of teaching for graduate students during the period of epidemic prevention and control.

In order to guarantee the teaching efficiency, all teachers have made sufficient preparations in advance. Some teachers even updated the broadband at home to ensure smooth online teaching; some teachers have arranged the first test regarding the online teaching after the students’ return to school; some teachers encouraged the students to get engaged in the online teaching by means of different ways of registration; some teachers even made innovation in teaching by using two computers for video recording, which can produce the effect of live explanation and improve the teaching effect to the maximum extent.

The post-90s teacher Gao Tianchong from the School of Cyber Security launched his “first lesson in life” about “Digital Logic Circuit” after his access to the university. He said, “Today, I experienced a special first lesson in life. All students have been online in spite of difficulties. They proposed questions one after another, which encouraged me a lot. I must learn from experienced teachers and strive to develop myself to be an excellent SEU teacher.”

Zhou Qi, a professor and a Ph.D. mentor from the School of Architecture, carefully prepared a two-year general education course, “Humanities and Design”. It was also the first class online. Teacher Zhou said: “There are many unexpected surprises and gains in online teaching. The students were highly engaged in class and proposed many questions online and offline. I have responded to their feelings and questions one by one, conducted heartfelt communications, which made me to feel rather delighted.

Sun Guiju, a professor and a Ph. D. mentor from the School of Public Health, launched a course on food and health rather concerned by the public about how to increase the body immunity through food. She said, “I was once missing the rostrum when preparing the online teaching. But after the first class today, I am still in a kind of excitement and feel that this is a good mode of teaching because online teaching has obviously increased my interactions with the classmates.”

Wang Hao, a young scholar of “Yangtze River Scholars Incentive Program”, a young distinguished professor of Southeast University and a Ph. D. mentor from the School of Civil Engineering, while talking his first online class of “Bridge Engineering”, said “I think the online teaching effect is very good. As the online teaching is fresh when compared to the offline teaching, the teachers are all very diligent in preparation and the students are all cooperating actively.”

Student Sun Tengxiao felt very excited after having listened to the course named “Mathematical Analysis” as taught by teacher He Chuanfu, who is acclaimed as the “Master of Mathematics” by the students. He said “I experienced an online class today and the overall effect is very good. The teacher prepared a very detailed presentation and explained with clear logic. We had enough time of taking notes, similar to the offline class. The live broadcast rooms are mutually independent. As long as we ourselves maintain our self-discipline, the efficiency is actually very good.”

Prof. Wang Lixin, a Ph. D. mentor from the School of Medicine, talked about the course named “Immunology Principles and Technology” online from the perspectives of this epidemic, how the body to resist the viral infection, the immunological detection methods of COVID-19, how to become an excellent doctor who can defeat COVID-19 etc.. After having listened to the course, student Wu Yukai said: “The teacher discussed with the students many times to fully mobilize the students’ enthusiasm. In the course of discussion, the students can understand the key and difficult points in the course. I’ve gained new understandings of immunology after the teacher’s explanations and guided discussions, which have generated my profound interests in the subject and enabled me to better understand the contents of the textbook and PPT. ”

Guo Jinlin, General Supervisor of the Psychological Health Education Center, Registered Psychologist and Registered Psychological Supervisor of the Chinese Psychological Association, taught the course named “Psychological Health of College Students” online. She provided psychological guidance via a series of topics, including “How could we prepare for the epidemic psychologically?”, “Have you achieved a clearer understanding of yourself and your family members during this longest winter vocation?” A student said after class, “In the past, I really cared about other’s comment and often paid attention to what and how other students were doing, which made me to feel uncomfortable, and I rarely concentrated on my own affairs. After your class, I will slowly get rid of this trouble.”

The teaching platforms worked well on the first day with smooth internet speed and easy operations, but there were still some problems such as poor access to individual platforms, page loading errors, and blocked sign-in function, etc.. The department concerned is reviewing the problems and making troubleshooting so as to enable teachers and students to have a better online teaching experience.

(Editor-in-charge: Ji Hong, reviewed by: Li Xiaonan)


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