Notice of SEU Working Team for COVID-19 Prevention & Control and Emergency Disposal (No. 1)

By 吴婵Viewed 59 2020-02-21

All teachers and students concerned:

In order to implement the deployment requirements of the Party Central Committee, the Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Province on the prevention and control of COVID-19 and actively do well in epidemic prevention and control, the school has decided to postpone the spring semester of 2020.

During the postponed period, in order to implement the requirements of the Ministry of Education on “no suspension of teaching or learning despite suspension of class” to guarantee that the students’ learning should not be affected, the school has decided to exercise online teaching in a comprehensive manner since February 24. All faculties and staff should work online. The specific arrangements for online teaching will be released by the Academic Affairs Office and the Graduate School. Please all teachers and students pay attention in time.

In order to guarantee the online teaching and normal teaching and scientific research after the official beginning of the spring semester, the school requires the faculty and staff who have not yet returned to school (except those who once travelled or lived in the key epidemic areas and the epidemic-stricken areas, or have close contact with fever patients) to return to Nanjing by safe transportation methods such as self-driving, etc. on the premise of meeting relevant regulations of the local government and community. After return to Nanjing, please comply with home quarantine strictly for 14 days.

In principle, the faculty and staff are now allowed to enter the campus. If there is indeed a special need to enter the campus, it must be agreed by the unit’s main leader in charge and approved by the school.

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