SEU International Student Harley Donated Epidemic Prevention Supplies for Epidemic War Assistance

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[Southeast University News Network, Feb. 11]  At the critical moment when the whole nation is fighting against the epidemic of COVID-19, many international students from Southeast University College of International Students are always concerned about the changes in epidemic situation, fighting against the epidemic war together with teachers and students in various ways.

Harley, a 17-year-old PhD candidate of Southeast University School of Medicine, has returned to Afghanistan for vocation at the end of the semester. When he heard that the school had to provide dining services to over 300 international students during the closed-off management period, his Muslim catering company established in Nanjing undertook such assignment resolutely to provide local and sanitary lunch and supper to these international students on a daily basis in spite of shortage of labor force and food ingredients.

He’s concerned about the alma mater, and more about China. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the severe shortage of medical supplies in Wuhan has been always haunting in Harley’s mind. With great efforts, he purchased 20,000 masks through various channels and immediately sent them to the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan as the donation to Wuhan. He wrote in his WeChat Moments: “Support Wuhan. We are willing to make our negligible contribution. Wuhan is not alone. Let’s fight together! Salute the medical staff who are struggling in the frontline of the outbreak in China! Come on, China!”

The space has distance but thewarmth is never absent. Since the start of carrying out epidemic prevention and control, the College of International Students has been continuously perfecting its working mechanism in this regard and adopted multiple approaches among international students. On the basis of guaranteeing the safety and health of teachers and students, which is deemed as the priority, efforts have been made to enhance the positive publicity of the epidemic situation, the preventive knowledge and the epidemic prevention measures as concerned by the international students. In addition, such media as the campus network, the public account and the WeChat, etc. have been utilized to educate and guide international students at the ideological level to raise their awareness of epidemic prevention and strengthen their confidence and determination to fight against the epidemic. The international students have witnessed the hard work of teachers and students of the school. While fully understanding and supporting the school and the college to take diverse measures for epidemic prevention and control, they have also greeted teachers and students via email and WeChat. They expressed their support of China and cheer of Wuhan via their WeChat moments to support China’s epidemic prevention and control with practical actions.

Submitted by: the College of International Students

(Edited and reviewed by: Song Yechun)

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