No Suspension of Learning by Conducting Experiments Online: Southeast University Online Experimental Platform Is Open

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[Southeast University News Network, Feb. 12] (Correspondent: Hu Renjie) On February 12, in order to guarantee the school’s experimental teaching and reduce the impact of the epidemic on the student’s study, the Electrical and Electronic Experiment Center of Southeast University integrated existing resources and opened the “SEU Online Experimental Platform" to provide free online experiments in relation to the fundamental electrical and electronic courses, teaching services and learning data support.

“SEU Online Experimental Platform" is an unattended platform accessible round the clock. Students can conduct experiments at any place where the network is available such as homes, dormitories, classrooms and libraries, etc.. It provides students with independent design and self-management practice channels, which is deemed as an effective way for students to practice their courses during this special period of time when the epidemic is still lasting.

The online experimental platform has initiated the unprecedented learning modes such as multi-person remote collaborative experiments, open online observation, experimental process recording, rapid restoration and reproduction of experimental spots, fragmentation of experimental time and invocation of experimental resources on any occasion. It would be conducive to motivate the learners’ interest and enthusiasm of independent research and study; besides, it has expanded the time and space for students’ independent exploration and research.

It is reported that the Electrical and Electronic Experimental Center of Southeast University has been conducting research and exploration of remote online electrical and electronic experimental technology since 2014, aiming at establishing an independent online experimental platform that could serve the students on campus and the general public, fulfilling such social demands as talent cultivation, independent research, knowledge application, engineering design and interest realization. ““SEU Online Experimental Platform"  has now launched over 30 experiments regarding three courses: Circuit Experiment, Analog Electronic Circuit Experiment and Digital Logic Circuit Experiment. Each experiment has been equipped with remotely-controlled instruments and hardware circuits instead of software simulation. The users can access the remote lab via the browser, construct the circuit with real electronic components and connecting wires, set the working condition of the instruments, measure the parameters and observe the waveforms, analyze and process the experimental data, compose and submit the experiment reports, and complete the design, comprehensive and inquiry experiments.

Link: “SEU Online Experimental Platform ”


Submitted by: the Electrical and Electronic Experimental Center of Southeast University

(Reviewed by: Song Yechun)


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