Universities from Abroad Sent Support Letters to SEU

By 吴婵Viewed 29 2020-02-10

[Southeast University News Network, Feb. 8] Recently, Guio Saracco, President of Polytechnic University of Turin, sent a letter to President of Southeast University Zhang Guangjun on behalf of all faculties and students of Turin University of Technology to extend condolences and supports to President Zhang Guangjun and all colleagues of Southeast University. He said that all members of Polytechnic University of Turin have been constantly following the development of the situation and keeping communication with Southeast University. He also proposed all the professors and staff would be fully available for any adjustment needed to support the students of both our universities involved in Double Degree and Exchange programs, who may have to change their plans. President Guio Saracco felt full confidence that China would conquer the difficulties soon.

President Zhang Guangjun, in his letter in reply, expressed his appreciations to the understanding and support of President Guio Saracco and Polytechnic University of Turin. He said that the departments concerned would carry out fully communication regarding the Double Degree and Exchange programs to guarantee the interests of teachers and students as involved. President Zhang Guangjun also indicated we have the determination and are capable of conquer the epidemic with joint efforts domestically and overseas.

Besides, David Alis, President of University of Rennes 1, sent a letter to President of Southeast University Zhang Guangjun to express his deep sympathy and condolences to all faculties and students of Southeast University and the Chinese people. In his letter, he reviewed the profound friendship established by the two universities over the years, and stated that he would always support Southeast University to conquer the epidemic, and looked forward to composing new chapters in the cooperation between the two universities in the future. Zhang Guangjun, in his letter in reply, sincerely appreciated the greetings and support extended by University of Rennes 1. He said that the adversity would witness the sincere friendship between the two universities; besides, he also expressed his confidence and determination to overcome the epidemic at an early date.

It is reported that the cooperation between Southeast University and University of Rennes 1 startedin 1989. Over the past three decades, the two universities have carried out in-depth and systematic cooperation in scientific research, talent training and teacher exchange, etc.. Southeast University-Rennes Graduate School was jointly established in 2018.

Our university has also received letters from such cooperating universities as the University of British Columbia, Canada, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Monash University, Aachen University of Technology and Aichi University of Technology, etc.., which expressed their support and encouragement about SEU’s epidemic prevention and control, their concerns of relevant exchange programs, and a good vision for cooperation in the future.

[Editor-in-charge: Wu Chan, reviewed by: Song Xiaoyan]



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