The 2nd SEU Global Alumni Entrepreneurs Liuchaosong Forum & the 3rd Global Alumni Association President and Secretary- General Forum Kicked off

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 [Southeast University News Network, December 10] (Correspondent: Li Bo Yang Lirong; photographer: Hang Tian)  From December 6 to 8, the 2nd SEU Global Alumni Entrepreneurs Liuchaosong Forum & the Global Alumni Association President and Secretary-General Forum was held in Changzhou, hosted by the SEU Alumni Association, undertaken by the Changzhou Research Institute of SEU, and the Changzhou Alumni Association of SEU, and co-organized by the relevant departments of Changzhou. Its theme was “Science and Technology Innovation, Sharing and Win-Win”.

        On the evening of December 6, Academician Zhang Guangjun, President of SEU, met with Wang Quan, Secretary of the Changzhou Municipal Committee, and Ding Chun, Mayor of Changzhou. Zhou Bin, Fang Guoqiang and Li Lin, leaders from Changzhou and Huang Dawei, Vice President of SEU, and relevant responsible comrades from President’s Office, Development Committee, Alumni Association, Research Institute, Science and Technology Park of SEU attended the meeting. Wang Quan congratulated the opening in Changzhou and expressed his gratitude to SEU for its care and support for Changzhou for many years. He hoped that SEU would pay more attention to Changzhou and support more in talents training, scientific and technological innovation, project transformation, and cooperative schooling. In order to broaden cooperation, and better promote mutual benefit and win-win results for both parties. Zhang Guangjun thanked Changzhou for its strong support for this forum, and hoped that the two sides will increase innovation and entrepreneurship on the basis of further developing the Changzhou Research Institute of SEU, and make greater contributions to the national strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education and the economic transformation and upgrading of Changzhou.

        On December 7, President Zhang Guangjun, President of SEU Alumni Association, Huang Dawei, Vice President of Alumni Association, Ding Chun, Mayor of Changzhou, relevant responsible comrades from President’s Office, Development Committee, Alumni Association, Research Institute, Science and Technology Park of SEU, and over 800 outstanding alumni who are the heads of nearly 300 listed companies worldwide, industry leaders and representatives of unicorn companies, Presidents, Secretary-Generals and representatives of Alumni Association from more than 40 provincial and municipal areas, Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao regions, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Czech Republic, Germany and other places attended the 2nd SEU Global Alumni Entrepreneurs Liuchaosong Forum.

      On behalf of the school and the Alumni Association, Zhang Guangjun extended warm congratulations to the forum, and cordial greetings to the alumni, and expressed sincere thanks to the Changzhou Municipal Committee and Municipal Government. He introduced the alumni ’s vision of the Southeast University’s “1-10-100” dream in recent years and the overall layout and construction to the participating alumni. He also said that the achievements were the result of the joint efforts of teachers and students of the school, and also the solid support and selfless dedication of the alumni. He believed that alumni are the eternal and most precious wealth of a university. They are the standard to enhance morality and foster talents in a university and they represent the future of the development of this university. In the process of continuous struggle, SEU always craves the support and help of the alumni, and sincerely hopes that the alumni will work with SEU, not forgetting the original heart, remembering the mission, and working together to achieve a win-win development. To this end, Zhang Guangjun puts forward three wishes to share with the alumni. First, it is hoped that the alumni share the mission of educating people, and help SEUers to grow into leading talents with international perspectives, and benefit humanity. Second, he hoped to build a teacher’s arena with the alumni, and continue to produce academic masters with international influence. Third, he also hoped to share the development results with the alumni and promote the open running of schools and build a win-win platform with the alumni for a better future.In the end, Zhang Guangjun briefly introduced the work progress of the Alumni Association, and hoped that every SEUer can be proud of SEU and work together to make new and greater contributions realize the SEU “1-10-100” dream and the Chinesedream of the great national rejuvenation.

        On behalf of the Changzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Ding Chun expressed warm congratulations to the forum, and extended heartfelt thanks to Southeast University and Southeast University alumni who have long been concerned about supporting the development of Changzhou’s innovation and technology. He introduced the social, economic, and technological development of Changzhou and the innovation and entrepreneurship of SEU alumni in Changzhou to the participants, and looked forward to more SEU alumni and alumni companies investing in Changzhou, innovating and starting business. He also looks forward to seeking higher quality Scientific and technological cooperation, seeking greater and stronger capital cooperation to help Changzhou’s industrial transformation and financial service industry development. Ding Chun said that the Liuchaosong Forum is a platform for gathering the strength of SEU alumni and promotes the integration of production, teaching and research. He hopes that under the witness of the Liuchaosong Forum, he will write a new chapter in the exchange between Changzhou and Southeast University.

        Alumni Hua Sheng, the famous economist, a senior professor of humanities and social sciences at Southeast University, dean of the National Institute of Development and Policy, sent a congratulatory video to the forum. He mentioned that the SEU Global Alumni Entrepreneurs Liuchaosong Forum is a platform for aggregating the wisdom of alumni and gathering resources of alumni entrepreneurs, and welcomes more alumni entrepreneurs, especially developing alumni entrepreneurs to join the Liuchaosong Forum to seek a new model of alumni development and write a new chapter of the alumni economy.

        Alumni Shen Xiangyang, foreign academician of the National Academy of Engineering, foreign academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering, former executive vice president of 微软 Corporation, alumni Xu Wenwei, president of Huawei Strategy Research Institute, alumni Xu Liqun, chief scientist of China Mobile Research Institute, and alumni Yao Yudong, deputy general manager and chief economist of Dacheng Fund,  former director of the Institute of Finance of the People’s Bank of China, respectively presented on the forum the theme of “The Road to the Development of Artificial Intelligence: Technology, Products, Responsibility”, “5G + AI, Enabling the Digital Economy”, and “New pattern of digital medical and health services jointly enabled by AI and 5G” and “New Monetary Theory (NMT)”.

        During the guest interview, Liu Guoyao, chairman of Keyuan, Chen Yingting, president of Guangdong Gaoxing Group, Wang Wenhu, general manager of CSR Qishuyan Institute, Tang Dong, chairman of Shanghai Kinco, Dai Hui, director and investor of Jingcloud, and Lin Jiaxi, chairman of Guojin Capital, Wang Maoting, chairman of New Silk Road Financial Holding, Zhang Lei, director and general manager of Huatai United Securities, and Bian Pengxuan, founding partner of SEU Alumni Industry Fund, and other alumni conducted in-depth discussions and interactions around the topics of “Smart Manufacturing and Industrial Interconnection” and “Alumni Economy and Investment and Entrepreneurship”, and provided suggestions for the healthy development of alumni enterprises.

        Prior to the forum, the research institute of Southeast University, the government of Wujin District of Changzhou, the government of Xinbei District, the Changzhou Science and Technology Bureau, the Changzhou Alumni Association of Southeast University and some Changzhou alumni enterprises jointly held three conferences on scientific and technological achievements on the theme of “Smart City Construction and Artificial Intelligence Technology”, “Biotechnology and Big Health Industry ” and “ Carbon Material Technology and Green Energy-saving Material Application”. During the conference, Southeast University, global alumni companies, and Changzhou enterprises held theme reports and corporate product technology releases, and conducted docking negotiations. 7 cooperation agreements to promote the development of local related industries in Changzhou were signed, and 1 Southeast University (Changzhou) —National Innovation EMC Joint Laboratory (Platform) was established, and the meeting achieved substantial results.

        At the 3rd Global Alumni Association President and Secretary-General Forum held on the 8th, On behalf of the school, Huang Dawei thanked the Changzhou Alumni Association for hosting the conference, and expressed sincere greetings to all alumni through the representatives of the alumni associations present at the meeting, and thanked the alumni associations for their attention to the development of their alma mater and their active participation in the conference. He hoped that the presidents and secretary-generals would speak freely in the forum and jointly contribute to the development of alma mater and alumni development.

        Jin Zhijun, Executive Vice President of Southeast University Alumni Association, made an annual work report on behalf of the Alumni Association and conveyed the spirit of party building in social organizations. In 2019, the Alumni Association will further strengthen its ties with overseas alumni to SEU and Jiangsu, provide support for international exchanges of SEU, and introduction of overseas high-level talents, and bridge the local economic development. It will expand alumni groups, promote organization and change, strengthen internal management, improve service quality, and alumni information management system; create innovative alumni activities based on innovative working mechanisms to promote exchanges and cooperation among alumni, alumni companies, alma mater, and local governments; promote humanistic care in school, and create cultural exchanges and spiritual legacy platform; multiple forms to support the development of school education, etc.

        Representatives from alumni associations in 45 regions and industries at home and abroad actively expressed their opinions. Combined with the characteristics and experience of alumni work in the region and industry, they exchanged and shared their opinions in depth under the new situation and new problems faced by alumni work in the new situation, and duties, tasks, and the construction of culture, systems, and mechanisms. Many constructive suggestions were made for the future work of the school and the Alumni Association.

        After detailed discussion and approval, the 3rd Southeast University Global Alumni Entrepreneurs Liuchaosong Forum & the 4th Global Alumni Association President and Secretary-General Forum will be undertaken by Nanjing Alumni Association of Southeast University in 2020.

        Under the witness of Huang Dawei and the presidents and secretary-generals, Zhu Wenjun, secretary-general of the Nanjing Alumni Association of Southeast University, took over the flags of “Liuchaosong Forum” and “Global Alumni Association President and Secretary-General Forum”  from Zhang Yue, president of Changzhou Alumni Association”,  marking the official entry into the “Nanjing Time” countdown of the “Liuchaosong Forum” and the “Global Alumni Association President and Secretary-General Forum”.


Submitted by: the Alumni Association of SEU 

                                                            (Editor-in-charge: Ji Hong, reviewed by: Song Xiaoyan)

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