The Closing Ceremony of “2019 Southeast University Freshmen Culture Season” and the “Reciting, Reading, Learning and Transmission” Theme-based Education Activity Was Successfully Convened

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[Southeast University News Network, Dec. 6] (Correspondent: Chen Qiuyu) On the evening of December 5, the closing ceremony of “2019 Southeast University Freshman Culture Season” and the “Reciting, Reading, Learning and Transmission” theme-based education activity was convened at Jiaotingbiao Hall of Jiulonghu Campus. Zuo Wei, Secretary of CPC Committee of Southeast University, Zheng Jiamao, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee, and Zhang Jingchun, Chairman of Jiangsu Jingfeng Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. attended the event. In addition, comrades in charge of relevant functional departments such as the Student Affairs Office, the Publicity Department and the Communist Youth League Committee, etc., comrades in charge of the party and administrative departments, Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee, instructors for freshman enrolled in 2019 and freshmen representatives, etc., 1500 persons in total attended the event.

The activity, with the theme of “A Magnificent 70-year Struggling for A New Era”, is composed of four chapters: recitation of sage heroes, reading of poems and classics, learning of historical etiquette, and transmission of civilization and ideals. Meanwhile, the poem reciting, music, dance, scene play and multimedia, etc. have been adopted on the stage to present a wonderful performance, which was also broadcasted alive to students at Sipailou Campus, Dingjiaqiao Campus, and the support education sitesof Southeast University's Graduate Students in Inner Mongolia Zhungeer Banner, Xinjiang Shihezi, Jiangxi Gongqing City and Yunnan Nanhua, etc..

It is reported that the freshmen culture season of Southeast University in 2019 lasted for four months. More than 10,000 freshmen have actively participated in dozens of activities including the high-level lectures given by the “First Acquaintance with SEU” series experts, the special performance of the original drama---“Mao Yisheng”, “My rostrum, my students---the story behind the support education”, “I love SEU” theme-based school history and knowledge contest, the interview about my youth story, the joint recruitment of student societies and associations, the classic reciting contest for “appraising our great nation” and the art performance by freshmen, etc..

Submitted by: the Communist Party Committee of SEU

(Editor-in-charge: Sun Yan, reviewed by: Li Xiaonan)

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