Southeast University Achieved Better Results in the Final of the 16th “Challenge Cup”

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[Southeast University News Network, September 10] (Reporter: YeJing; photographer: WuTong, LiAnqi) During November 17 to 12, hosted by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China (CYLC), the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), All-China Students Federation (ACSF) and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, the final of the 16th “Challenge Cup” National College Students’ Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Contest (hereinafter referred to as the “Challenge Cup”) was held at Beihang University. Afterselections, the open oral defense system was introduced for all the 447 entries from 213 universities in the final from November 17 to 12. Six projects in our school was entered to the final, which respectively belong to Mechanical and Control, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Energy and Chemical, and Philosophy and Social Sciences (Lawgroup).

        After fierce closed-display and open oral defense, the six entries of our school won 2 special prizes, 3 first prizes and 1 second prize, ranking the top five in China and winning the “Winning Cup” of the contest and Excellent Organization Award.

       “Escort ‘New Net Generation’—Study on the Non-mandatory Protection Path of Minor Network Rights in WEB3.0 Era”, guided by Li Chuan, Miao Zeyi, and Liu Yanhong, the law school, and “High-precision andMulti-Dimensional Force Sensor and Astronaut Biomechanical Measurement System”, led by Song Aiguo, director of the School of Instrument Science and Engineering, achieved the special prize respectively, which was the first “Challenge Cup” Special Prize in the history of their own schools.

        “Artificial Intelligence-Assisted OFDM Wireless Transmission System: Design and Implementation”, directed by Jin Shi, School of Information Science and Engineering, “Development of New Biomedical Microneedles and its Application in Disease Diagnosis and Treatment”, directed by Zhao Yuanjin, School of Biological Sciences and Medical Engineering “Polarityregulationon Molecular Materials with Perovskite Structure Based on Fluorination Effect”, guided by You Yumeng of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, won the first prize;  “Demonstration Device of Grid-free Building Integrated Energy System Coordination and Control”, led by Sun Li, Zhang Junli, and Shen Yu, from the School of Energy and Environment, won the second prize.

        During the preparation period, the school leaders have repeatedly cared about the extracurricular academic science and technology innovation work of our students and the progress of the key support project preparations of “Challenge Cup”. Zuo Wei, the Secretary of the school’s CPC Committee, president Zhang Guangjun, and Zheng Jiamao, the deputy Secretary of the school’s CPC Committee personally visited and guided the teams of “Challenge Cup” and cordially paid respects to the teachers and students during its summer training camp.

        The “Challenge Cup” National College Students’ Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Contest has been adhering to the idea of “Honor Science, Pursue Truth, Study Hard, Innovate Resolutely, Face Challenge”. It has been held every two years since 1989 and has been held for 16 consecutive sessions. In recent years, more than two million students from over 2,000 universities are attracted to the “Olympic Games”, which is the largest comprehensive student science and technology innovation event in China with the largest scale, the highest specification, the widest scope of influence and the fiercest competition.

        In 2001 and 2007, our school won the first place and won the “Challenge Cup” and achieved brilliant results.

                                                                                       Provided by: Youth League Committee

                                                       (Editor-in-charge: Tang Tang, reviewed by: Song Xiaoyan)



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