School of Transportation of SEU Convened the Celebration for Its 30th Anniversary

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[Southeast University News Network, Nov. 5] (Correspondents: Lyu Yueyan, Zhang Hang, Hu Haochen, photographer: Li Xuchen, Chen Qiuzi) In the morning of Nov. 2, the 30th Anniversary of the School of Transportation of SEU and the opening ceremony of the Transportation Engineering Discipline Forum under the strategy of “strengthening the country by transportation” was convened at Jiaotingbiao Hall.

Weng Mengyong, Member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and Chairman of China Highway and Transportation Society, Shi Heping, Chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Comprehensive Transportation Society, Lai Yuanming, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liu Wenjie, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Highway and Transportation Society, You Qingzhong, Director of the Economic Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and also the alumnus enrolled in 1978, Tang Boming, President of Chongqing Jiaotong University and the alumnus enrolled in 1981, Pei Minshan, Vice President of China Communications Construction Group Co., Party Secretary and Chairman of CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd. and the alumnus enrolled in 1988, Zhang Liang, President of Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute and the alumnus enrolled in 1992, Wang Shuangjie, General Manager of CCCC First Highway Consultants, Co., Ltd. and the alumnus enrolled in 2001, Zuo Wei, Party Secretary of Southeast University, Vice President Huang Dawei, Vice President Liu Pan, and relevant leaders of the School of Transportation, 34 brother universities, representatives from over 50 enterprises, more than 600 alumni of the School of Transportation, teachers and students on campus, etc., over 1200 people in total attended the celebration ceremony.

The conference kicked off with the video of the 30th anniversary of the School of Transportation. Chen Yi, Party Secretary of the School of Transportation, extended the ardent welcome to all the distinguished guests.

Zuo Wei, Secretary of CPC Committee of Southeast University, said in his speech that Southeast University has forged a glorious tradition of “making contributions to the country with talents and being renowned with science” in the course of its 120-year history. The over 90-year history of SEU’s transportation discipline and the 30-year independent history of the School of Transportation represent the real epitome of SEU's continuous development and growth. He emphasized that the transportation engineering discipline of SEU should shoulder the new mission of the times, actively serve the national strategy of “strengthening the country by transportation”, and jointly promote the development of China’s comprehensive transportation system to a higher level.

Shi Heping, in his speech, recognized the gratifying achievements made by the School of Transportation of SEU in terms of discipline construction, scientific research and talent cultivation, etc.. He expected to take thisopportunity to further enhance the cooperation and exchange with the School of Transportation, and better promote the construction and development of transportation engineering discipline.

Zhang Liang expressed his feelings about the school’s changes and his work for years. He said that he’s been always keeping in mind of the school’s motto of “striving for perfection”, the teachers’ edifications and expectations. No matter how long he’s graduated and where he is, he is caring about the school’s development.

In addition, alumnus Huang Wei, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and alumnus Liu Xiaoming, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Transport, who failed to attend the ceremony in person though, also expressed their blessings to the college’s 30th anniversary. They expatiated on the college’s achievements in the past three decades in respect of morality establishment and talent cultivation; in addition, they also expressed their appreciations to the college’s cultivation.

Li Shuang, a graduate student enrolled in 2018, shared his 6-year growth with the themes of “Pride of the Students”, “Pride of the Discipline” and “Pride of the Great Power Project”. Meanwhile, he also expressed his gratitude to the teachers, colleagues and students.

At the celebration meeting, the college granted the plates to the cooperative enterprises and superior employment bases, and also granted the certificate of donation to the alumni. In addition, the “Outstanding Contribution Award” for celebrating the 30th anniversary of the School of Transportation was then conferred to Mr. Deng Xuejun, the former convener of the State Council Discipline Review Group and the first Director of the Transportation Engineering Research Institute in 1989, Mr. Chen Rongsheng, the first Director of the Department of Transportation Engineering of SEU in 1989 and also the first Dean of the School of Transportation in 1995, Mr. Xu Jiqian, the founder of the Transportation Engineering Specialty of SEU and one of the discipline founders, Mr. Zhou Futian, the former Director of the Department of Port and Waterway Engineering, and Deputy Director of the School of Transportation, Mr. Ye Jianshu, former Directorof the Department of Bridge Engineering and Director of the Bridge Research Institute for appreciating their important contributions to the college.

Finally, Chen Jun, Dean of the School of Transportation introduced the 30-year development of the college to all the guests, and called upon the 33 university colleges and departments present in the ceremony for creating the top-ranking discipline and specialty together, and thus making more contributions to realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation by considering the development strategy of “strengthening the country with transportation” as the orientation, and cultivating the leading transportation talents in the new era as their own responsibility.  

After the celebration ceremony, Weng Mengyong, Lai Yuanming and Pei Minshan launched a symposium. In the afternoon, alumni and enterprise representatives were invited to attend various symposiums surrounding the development of disciplines of the School of Transportation in order to discuss the disciplinary development and promote cooperation and exchanges.


Submitted by: the School of Transportation

(Editor-in-charge: Wu Hanyu, reviewed by: Song Xiaoyan)

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