Southeast University Ranks 13th among US News 2020 World University Rankings

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Yangtse Evening Post News on Oct. 23 (Yangtse Evening Post/Ziniu News Reporter: Wang Yun) On Oct. 22, USNews released 2020 World University Rankings. Among the top 1,000 universities in the world, 94 universities from mainland China have been on the list with the quantity increased. Last year, among the top 1,000 universities, 87 universities from mainland China were on the list.

Among them, Southeast University was ranked 311th globally and 13th domestically. Two disciplines including computer science and engineering were top ranked in the world. Specifically, the discipline of computer science was ranked the sixth globally and the second domestically; the discipline of engineering was ranked the sixth domestically.

Compared with the ranking last year, the overall ranking of Southeast University has made new progress with an increase of 30 internationally and 2 domestically.

US News, the authoritative “US News and World Report” in the United States, first published “US News World University Rankings” on October 28, 2014, which had screened the best universities in the world on the basis of their academic achievements and international reputation, etc. so as to provide a scientific reference for students from all over the world to choose their ideal university on a global scale. The US News rankings do not consider the school’s undergraduate or postgraduate education alone, but take into consideration of 13 indicators that measure the school’s overall academic research performance and its global and regional reputation.

Oct. 23, 2019 [Zijin News]

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