The Delegation of University of Birmingham in UK Visited Southeast University

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[Southeast University News Network, Oct. 23] (Correspondent: Yu Lu, Photographer: Hang Tian) In the morning of Oct. 21, the delegation of University of Birmingham in UK under the leadership of President Sir David Eastwood visited Southeast University. Zhang Guangjun, President of Southeast University, Wang Baoping, Executive Vice President, and principals from the School of Biological Sciences and Medical Engineering, the Graduate School, the Scientific Research Institute and the International Cooperation Office met with visitors at Sipailou Campus. The meeting was presided over by Wang Baoping.

President Zhang Guangjun, in his speech, welcomed the delegation of David Eastwood and fully affirmed the fruitful cooperation between the two universities over the years. He said that with the development of human society, in coping with such global challenges as climate changes, energy crisis and disease health, international cooperation, global strategy and multilateral win-win strategy have become important trends. In China, the largest developing country, the universities have been granted more missions and higher requirements, and higher education has accessed a new era of high-quality and intensive development. British universities feature the traditional advantages of higher education, which can be well referred to by Chinese universities in their “double first-class” construction. He pointed out that since the cooperation between Southeast University and the University of Birmingham in 2017, the two universities have been maintaining close exchanges and frequent mutual visits. It was expected that the delegation’s visit for this time would open a new chapter of cooperation between the two universities. To this end, he proposed two suggestions for the cooperation between the two universities in the future: first of all, he expected that the two universities could persist in the most fundamental initiative and mission of talent cultivation and enhance cooperation in terms of mutual dispatch of students, united development of high-level scientific research and talents cultivation on the basis of existing cooperation and advantageous disciplines; secondly, he expected that the two universities could actively promote all-round, multi-level, wide-area and high-level exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and British universities by relying on the Sino-British University Engineering Education and Research Alliance so as to address global challenges and make joint contributes to human progress.

David Eastwood highly appreciated President Zhang Guangjun’s words. He expected that both parties could further expand cooperation and exchanges in the areas of student exchange and joint research based on existing cooperation.

At the meeting, representatives of the two universities shared introduction and exchanged ideas about the existing cooperation, the construction of Southeast University- University of Birmingham Biomedical Engineering Joint Research Center, the foundation and the cooperation in biomedical big data, etc.. After the meeting, both parties signed the “Cooperation Agreement on Joint Research Center for Biological Big Data Science”.

It is reported that since the establishment of the cooperative relationship with the University of Birmingham, professors from both parties have carried out a number of fruitful cooperation. In May 2018, Southeast University-University of Birmingham Biomedical Engineering Joint Research Center was unveiled in Suzhou. In October of the same year, the University of Birmingham-Southeast University Biomedical Engineering Joint Research Center was unveiled at the University of Birmingham. It is expected that such joint research centers could give full play to their respective advantages, strengthen scientific research cooperation, lead the development of biomedical engineering technology, and thus make contributions to the innovation in the medical apparatus industry.

Submitted by: the International Cooperation Office

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