Ms. Guo Guangyin- Party Secretary of Our School Attended the Inaugural Meeting of SEU's Alumni Association in UK

By 唐瑭Viewed 450 2012-10-29


    On the afternoon of September 16, Ms. Guo Guangyin-Party Secretary of our school and her party attended the inaugural meeting of the UK Alumni Association composed of 30 alumni from our school in London.
    At the meeting, Ms. Guo Guangyin introduced our school's developments achieved in recent years and described the grand occasion of the 110th anniversary of our school. On behalf of SEU and distinguished President Mr. Yi Hong, she expressed her sincere gratitude to the alumni present for their support and concern of SEU and expressed her warm congratulations on the establishment of the UK Alumni Association. She also expressed her wish that all the alumni maintain close contact and communications with SEU and pay a visit to SEU whenever possible and continue to vigorously support the development of SEU. The alumni on their part also showed their profound feelings for the alma mater.
    Mr. Shi Lanxin-director of International Cooperation Department of our school, Mr. Guo Xiaoming-director of Personnel Department of our school, Mr. Lei Wei-director of the Office of Academic Affairs of our school respectively gave detailed description to the alumni of SEU's international cooperation in recent years, its teaching training programs, some policies on introducing talents and the status quo and initiatives of student training.
    At the meeting, Mr. Xu Yanzhong was elected as president of the UK Alumni Association and Prof. Yao Qiwei from the London School of Economics was elected as vice president.
    On the evening of that day, the Education Sector of the Chinese Embassy in the UK hosted a banquet to welcome Ms. Guo Guangyin and her party as well as all the alumni of SEU's Alumni Association in UK.
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