Director of the Sino-US Center at University of Maryland Gave a Lecture on Sino-US College Education at Our School

By 唐瑭Viewed 442 2012-10-29


On October 10, Robert Daly-director of the Sino-US Center at University of Maryland and a leading role in the TV series Beijingers in New York came to the Jiulonghu Campus of our school and gave a wonderful lecture entitled "Studying and Working in the US" to our teachers and students at Runliang Lecture Hall of Jiulonghu School Library.
    In this lecture, Robert Daly, as an American who knew Chinese culture quite well and with a frank attitude and witty language, shared his views on college teaching modes, attitude to life and working methods in China and America. What's more, he expressed his own understandings of how to cultivate students' innovative abilities, how family education can cultivate students' interests and self-management capabilities, and how the spread of mass media affects contemporary college students.
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